Education…ah yes…Education. As a child, my parents were both teachers. This simple fact seemed to allow for us to have the best childhood imaginable. We were smart, disciplined (as much as any kids who tap dance and sing for their dinner need to be I suppose) and most of all, HAPPY! Our father got home each day at 4pm and our mother stayed home with us. As a family, we made crafts, wrote plays, sang, and spent snow days building snowmen and forts! Anything we wanted to do, we could do with our parents. I know that in today’s economy, this parenting style is somewhat of an old-fashion fairy-tale, but it shows us how much things have changed for children over the last 30 years. It also represents a career that has long since become something more along the lines of a second income than one that afforded a couple to have 5 children with a stay at home mother.

Having been a child of a teacher raised family, I was easily enticed into the profession later in life. I started off my adult life as a performer/singer. After a few years I felt like I needed to do something that made more of a difference to the world than singing and waiting for praise from others. Well…That change was 13 years ago for me and every single day in my job had been fun, exciting, a learning experience, fulfilling, and teaching made me the happiest I’ve ever been! Until last year…

Please read to join my sounding board for putting the CHILD back into education! Together, maybe we can bring the magic back into one of the once most loved and fulfilling careers!


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